About Us

We help industry leaders tell stories that drive revenue.

Values we live by, values we embrace.


Embody a growth mindset

Personal growth equals company growth. Our aim is to improve by 1% daily as a company. We understand that growth begins with each individual.

Lead with empathy & positivity

We lift each other up. When we engage with others, we leave interactions feeling energized and inspired, knowing that we've made a positive impact on each other's lives.

Trust through accountability & transparency

What we say is what we do. What you see is what you get. Our actions align with our words. Transparency is key in our organization, from top to bottom.

There is always a way forward

We find solutions, no matter the challenge, because we believe in overcoming obstacles and providing the best possible outcomes for our clients.
Deal Bridge Media was born in early 2023 from a staggering discovery that only a mere fraction of business leaders were using their LinkedIn profiles as a place to create content and drive revenue.
Ecstatic Executives
To date, we’ve partnered with over 20 exceptional companies to transform their businesses with LinkedIn content that that scales their personal brand and drives leads.

"Since working with Deal Bridge I've generated millions of impressions, expanded my network, and built a large investor database. It's just a massive leverage on my time.

Jay Vas
Managing Partner, Atlasview Equity
Monthly Impressions
Twitter Followers
Email Subscribers

"Since working with Deal Bridge, my LinkedIn content has been a huge source of qualified leads which we’ve been able to convert into customers. I view it as one of those low-effort activities on my side that consistently bears a tremendous amount of fruit from it.

Spencer Moslow,
Co-Founder, OneFund

Don’t just take our word for it

Deal Bridge has been transformative for activating and expanding my network. They’ve helped me put in systems and processes to connect with my audience & generate new opportunities.
- Peter Kang, Co-founder & CEO at Barrel
One of the issues we were having was with generating qualified leads. As soon as I engaged Deal Bridge Media, that was no longer an issue. We are now swimming with qualified leads.”
- Josh Montgomery, CEO at StorageHQ
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